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Invader ZIM DVDs

Okay, so we all know by now, I'm sure, about the Invader ZIM DVD collection. And the figurines. If you DON'T, then go to RWAM and GIR and see the info they have. They will tell you all about them. As for who is hosting the figurines other than Palisades, I don't know. (Well, the Hot Topic exclusives go to Hot Topic, of course!)

Back to what I was saying. If you have listened to the commentary on the DVD(s), you know that Jhonen Vasquez ("the creatOR") appears to dislike Andy Berman (voice of DIB). But Andy has this certain thing about him that makes you want to gossip. I was wondering if anyone has seen Andy Berman in his other appearances, aside from Invader ZIM? My boyfriend swears up and down that he was on an IHOP commercial. I have honestly fallen in love with DIB's voice, and it's one of the things that makes him great.

That's why I not only support the show itself, but the actors and what they do now. Let's face it: ZIM is gone from the world of new life. It's stuck on the retail market without new eps to back it up. I don't ever want them to look back and regret Invader ZIM, but see it as a profit to their future.

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