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Do I even need to say anything at this point?

My icon looks like WHAT? A cute female Irken I made myself! That's right. "I MADE IT MYSELF!!" And I'd like to thank GIR for that classic line.
I may "seem" like a Zim girl, cuz' I WANTED it to look that way, but I WUV MY DIBBIE!! ^^;; I never said anything out loud to anyone around me because I don't think people around here like Dib. Morons. They're just as stupid as the other kids in his class!!
Anyway, here I am, Invader Kinita, undercover for finding out Zim's plans and flirting with him as an Irken and then turning human to report back to Dib, helping him get closer to revealing the truth to the world. The boy will MARRY ME!!!!!!
Doncha love it when your imagination and creativity is the size of the universe? ^.^
Let's make biscuits! LET'S MAKE BISCUITS!!
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